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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rehashed 20080823

Run: 788 Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Pangsoon Co-hares: Leong Sr, ...

The Hare being On Downed An invitational run at Malacca, the unfavourable weather and probably the long distance to Pangsoon robbed this run of a good turnout.

It was still drizzling when On On was called. The 12 odd hashers who started the run followed the paper trail which took the same route as the Hare's last run here. Many may remember the Hare's last run here was screwed up with all runners returning to the runsite after the 1st check.

Ballcracker, having learnt his lesson, pulled the runners along the same pipe line and laid his 1st check further up on to the left. This was broken down on the right where the papers cut across to the Gunong Nuang trail.

Reaching the Gunong track, the FROPs were invited for another short climb up to the 2nd check. This was a backcheck and led down which looked like back to home. But just before reaching the buildings, the papers swung left into the jungle for a long trek.

The check by the dam waters Coming out at the dam, the papers led left to check, an obvious backcheck intended to allow the backpack to catch up with FROPs. The papers then led on semi-tarred track right up to the waters of the dam. Another obvious check intended for the hashers to catch their breath while taking in the magnificient view.

The papers then led straight forward to the last check by the dam. This took a awhile to break, it being a very far behind backcheck. The home trail was on tarred road and led back into the jungle for the crossover to the runsite. The clever thinking but not as a hasher, the hare hung some battery operated blinking lights to guide the way through the pitc dark jungle.

Cock pain warming up the Porridge

Cock Pain was out in 1hr 40mins and the last few a short while later.

On On onsite with Cock Pain speciality - Seafood Porridge.

Next Run: No 789 Date: 30/08/2008 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Sg Batang Sea (C or See, take your pick), Jalan Kacau (Drive along Jalan Sungei lallang/Jalan Kacau. Past the ostrich farm and look out for HLH4 signs)

 Shelter at the beer wagon Waiting for Circle under unbrellas
Circle in the rain Mystery whip
Mystery whips victims Ony a few Iced

On On ...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rehashed 20080816

Run: 787 Occassion: AGM Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Kiki, Guitarman

When On On was yelled at 1806 by Long John Silver, no one looked interested to start the run. They were caught caught up with chats and discussions.

Finally, Shopping Queen, Winnie Jenny and Kelam-Kabut took the lead and started walking towards the usual in trail. Nobody was on paper, so upon reaching the usual entrance they had to shout 'paper, paper'.

Rattail found the correct in trail which was by by the 'dumping slope' just across from the our parking.

Usual run round the palm oil estate with the first check (i think) as the FROP ran till paper suddenly stopped. Bicycleman (frequent guest) broke this check wich was a straight forward run towards the estate border and bushes.

This was the only check that kept the back runners in the same pack as the FROPs. As for the rest of the checks broken by the FROPs, their On calls were not even heard by the back pack (as the back pack's chatting was louder and more lively!).

The hare ran round the hills and bushes bordering Bandar Tech, Taman Bangi Indah and some other housing estates in Bangi and the new highway. The last up highest hill was 'attacked' from the trail on the left near the cow shed where it connected back to the palm oil estate.

With 'tricks up the hare's ass', the trail was laid for all to jump in the drain, crawl under the fence and climb up a slope to be on the new highway and for a home trail that was a about 1.8km long.

Michael and DoggieHash were king of the road till they were honked by some motorists. 'Speed trap' was seen and the 'officers' directed 'all those caught speeding' to turn left, where the hare farted some tricks that benefited the runners to get nearer to finish the run. Again the runners needed to crawl a dog hole to cross over the fence and get to the Taman Mega factory lots.

All were back in good time - FRB in 1hr 15min (Abraham Wong who was second - scbed beacuse he was "very, very tired already, too many last few days") KFC and Bumble Bee were out about 2 hours later because they took the highway till the main road to Semenyih, covering and extra 4-5 km back to runsite.

DoggieHash was seen running around run site that GM requested that it be leashed (later Michael was iced for 'hanging' the dog with cables to GM's grand car).

The usual after-run food with currypuffs, peanuts, hard boiled eggs, h2o-melon and rambutan. 2 lambs BBQed on site.

T-shirt freebie - nice material - 'dry fit', long sleeves, white with hlh4 logo. (report by NoHair)

The following were "erected" to Mismanage for 2008/20098.

Grandmaster: King Kong
Jointmaster: Long John Silver
Jointmatress: Winnie Jenny
OnSex: Guitarman
HashCash: Leong Sr
Inter OnSex: Cock Pain
Committee members: JPS, Kiki, Charlie Chickedee, Bulldozer, Chong Kok Mann.

On On onsite Cock Pain catering.

Next Run: No 788 Date: 23/08/2008 Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Gunong Nuang, Pangsoon (Along Jalan Hulu Langat, drive right to the end and look for HLH4 signs)

Click On On below for a short YouTube video of an OnDown.

On On ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rehashed 20080809

Run: 786 Hare: Kiki Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Co-hares: ...

The hare Kiki Arrived late for the run but went in with Stanley (who was late, too). The in-trail was on the road heading out to the hill just next to the highway.

After a short climb past some cleared land for vegie farming, the trail led into some bushes. It was up and down a few times on the same side of the hill. It then led back towards the in-trail direction atop the hill where a check was found.

This check was broken but connected to 2 trails, one of which led straight downhill where Showtime and I failed to find paper. But instead met up with Tsunami and Jessie, who "were there for quite some time but find no connecting paper."

So they together with 'Uncle' Ular, Warrenti, Farah and Amelia went further down where they found some paper but it led to a dead end. There was another group here, and Blood Donor was calling to the whole lost group down to a clearing along the broken old tarred road.

Another group were Song Lau, Henny, Bumble Bee, and U-I. Song Lau then said "we are so near the highway! let's go back by the fence", so the group went.

Upon reaching the run site, the FROP were just back and the rest trickled in.

Some conversations heard: "yes, all checks were connected."
"I called out and you came, you connected the paper right?"
"where got? you see, they came back this way also!"
"aiyo, where can go wrong? just back check and you can find the paper already!"
"I found and connected the last check!"
"easy only, open your eyes lah! just right there only mah!"

Thus, were the discussions of where, when and broken. nevertheless, but no one mentioned about paper not being picked up to disconnect an incorrect trail given after all the tricks the hare had played.

That was why the back pack got mislead. Not all trails were connected properly, papers not picked up, calls were made but unheard, etc....

some of those ICED Circle started early with OnSex on box, many were iced. Then Song Lau took the box to ice some more. (forgot what charges and who). Uncle Ular was iced most for being 'kpc' and for the non-laughable jokes.

OnSex announced, "important, hope to have all members on the next run, next run is not called 'AGM' as there will not be a meeting of sort but will just be named 'Election Run' for electing coming year's 'Mismanagement'".

T-shirt worn incorrectly On-On on site. Later, a 2nd circle by the beer wagon with more beers (1 crate sponsored by guitarman) and many laughs with the 'leftovers' sharing jokes.

The session ended without song or dance but with stomach cramps (due excessive laughing) at around 12:30am. (courtesy of NoHair)

Next Run: No 787 Date: 16/08/2008 Occassion: AGM Run Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang (regular runsite near shops)

Some pix by Hash Flash.

the 2nd and 3rd running bastards Standing with attention
Some members at the circle part of the circle
Checking correct way to wear a t-shirt Just heard a fishy tale

On On ...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rehashed 20080802

Run: 785 Hare: Blood Donor Venue: Taman Petaling Bukit Gasing SubCons: KL Dalmatians

There were no HLH4 directional signs to show the way to the runsite. Yet more that 40 members turned up at the car park in Taman Petaling Square.

Then there were no HLH4 run trail papers, yet about 30 members mamaged to follow the paw marks of the KL Dalmatians.

The trail went up past the Hindu temple and water tank which entailed a 'Batu Caves' like climb. Some downs and ups and coming up and through the tower site. The home run was all down on tarmac road going along Jalan Gasing and back.

Dipstick was FRB in about 1hr 20mins. The back pack was out at about 8pm.

A joint circle was held comprising HLH4, KL Dalmations and Hartamas HHH. On On at a restaurant fronting the runsite.

Next Run: No 786 Date: 09/08/2008 Hare: Kiki Lala Venue: Sg Jelok Shooting Range

On On ...