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21 July 2018

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rehashed 20120519 Guitarman

Run: 983 Hare: Guitarman Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares:

Next Run: No 984 Date: 26/05/2012 Hare: Gary Buaya Venue: Bukit Gasing

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rehashed 20120512 Hong Kong Singh

Run: 982 Hare: Hong Kong Singh Venue: Bukit Gasing SubCon: Munster

Next Run: No 983 Date: 19/05/2012 Hare: Guitarman Venue: Sg Jelok

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Rehashed 20120505 Chong Kok Man

Run: 981 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Precinct 17 Putrajaya Cohares:

Arrived early and getting prepared for the run. A quite remarkable number of hashers have found their way and were chatting about previous Saturday’s main event in KL.

OnOn was called at 6.00 sharp and Dipstick led the FROP’s along the rocky ravine. Passin

g the concrete slope, up the road passing the bungalow under construction and finally reaching the rubber, where the first check was placed further up the hill.

MeowMeow and I followed the On-calls to the right and saved further climbing up as the paper was connected around the hill.

Bandit indeed, after finishing his “Clean”-up was so enthusiastic (or maybe the eyes still with tears, so he couldn’t see the connecting paper) that he stormed on all the way to the hilltop, dragging along with him a reluctant Blood Donor and some equally not so smart ones.

In the meantime the next check on the other side of the hill was quickly broken, leaving Dipstick and Guitarman suddenly behind as they were slowed down by the checking.

After some running the path lead down from the hill into some open space, where the next check could be found near a group of cattle. An excited Kiki Lala had to be pulled away from a cow and forced to follow the OnOn call.

Some easy running along the fence of a new construction to the next check placed at the left. It caused some confusion as the check was followed by a falsie (or vica versa), but Dipstick was right in going down the hill to the left, where he found the paper.

After that last check it was easy way along some Condos back to the beerwagon.

First runner out Dipstick in barely 45 min, all in all a short and easy run. SongLau swept the Eto and some guests out at about 8.20pm.


(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 982 Date: 12/05/2012 Hare: Hong Kong Singh Venue:Bukit Gasing

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Rehashed 20120428 Vaisahki Run

Run: 980 Occasion: Vaisakhi Run Venue: Villaraya Jalan Kacau Cohares:

(Usual contributors went for "Clean" up?)

Next Run: No 981 Date: 05/05/2012 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Precinct 17 Putrajaya (Runsite is same as On The way's runsite)

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