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21 July 2018

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Rehashed 20080726

Run: 784 Hare: Jessie Teh Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Awana SubCons: Munster, ...

The Hare Jessie Teh About 35 members. The runsite was along a road near a new housing developement named Bukit Hatamas. A few years ago, we would have been climbing for some 20 mins at this very spot, but now we start the run from here.

Not only were the running trails getting shorter, they are also being over run. That evening the Banana Hash was also running there and recent run papers of at least 3 other chapters were found along most of the trails at the Wangsa Cheras trekking/hiking hill.

Song Lau welcoming 'The German'The run was practically a reverse of the last run set by Warrenti. A short trek into the jungle and then down and then all the way up to around level 5.

From there it was all down and taking the right trail to home. Warrenti knowing the area so well that he avoided the falsie and kept going without calling ON ON.

All were out by 7.30pm. On On onsite.

All out after the run Watermelon to cool down
Hashers crowding around for a piece of the 'Smelly but with a Heavenly taste The Hare being reminded she is a year older

Next Run: No 785 Date: 02/08/2008 Hare: Blood Donor Venue: Bukit Gasing
(Travelling along Jalan Gasing, bypass the entrances to the playground and tower sites. Look out for HLH4 signs near Taman Petaling. You would have overshot if you hit the roundabout.)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rehashed 20080719

Run: 783 Occassion: 7th Rotation Run hosted by Mount Kiara H4 Venue: Setia Alam Eco Park

"For a start most members were not familiar with the area and some decided not to go despite having registered. It was not easy to find the runsite as those who went found out. The venue was a new development area and the backdrop was the Bukit Cherakah forest area. A short run where all runners were out in 1hr 40 mins. The celebration lasted till about Midnight." (HLH4 Newsletter 08/08)

(Update 25/07/08) The run started at 5.30pm through an oil palm estate. The begining trail allowed the middle and back runners to shortcut when the FROPs were seen coming downhill.

After a few mild climbs and 2 checks came the long steep climb which had many gasping for air. Going uphill, most stopped along the way not only to catch their breath but also to enjoy the view of Port Klang and the sea.

A further climb brought the runners to the top where low flying planes could have given them a haircut.

The home trail was from the hill top that led down to a clearing before cutting through some rubber and along side the fence.

The FRBs were out in about 1 hour 5 mins.

It was heard that there were supposed to be 2 trails. But the long run had to be cancelled due to the hares being screwed up, probably by their own egos. One of them took some 5 hours to run back while the rest took a cab back to the runsite.

There was the usual circle with On Downs and presentations by GMs and to GMs etc.

An incident involving HLH4 members to be recalled.

Jessie brought Tsunami in her 2 weeks old Honda City. After changing to their running attires, one of them (no prizes for guessing who, but, most probably the one who really loves to get her ass iced) 'accidently' left the car keys in the boot and the car then auto locked.

As a damsel was in distress, our local hero 'Ular' came to the rescue. He volunteered and drove Jessie back home to get the spare keys while Tsunami waited by the car with some members feeding some mosquitoes. (report by NoHair)

Next Run: No 784 Date: 26/08/2008 Hare: Jessie Teh Venue: Cheras Awana

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ai Dee Ten Tee

Cockscrew Chin of the Kacang H4 was very proud of himself ever since his son showed him how to use the computer and explained about emails and surfing the net.

So much so, the past few runs, he talked about nothing but emails and the web.

One evening he had some trouble with his computer and as his son was not in at that time, Cockscrew called his 12 year old neighbour to come over.

The boy next door came over and clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem.

As the boy was walking away, Cockscrew called after him

"Thanks. So, what was wrong, ahh?"

The boy replied, "Oh It was an ID ten T error".

Cockscrew didn't want to appear stupid but nonetheless inquired,

"What?, An ID ten T error? What's that? In case I need to fix this problem again".

The boy grinned and said.

"Haven't you ever heard of an ID ten T error before?"

"No" replied Cockscrew.

"Well, you write it down" the boy said "and I think you'll figure it out".

Cockscrew went immediately to the computer, opened up 'Word' and typed ... (click On On below)

I D 1 0 T

Since that evening, Cockscrew has not made eye contact with the boy next door.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

7th Rotation Run

The 7th Annual Rotation Run will be held

Mount Kiara H4 logo
Date: Saturday 19 July 2008
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: Setia Alam Eco Park, Shah Alam
Hosts: Mount Kiara H4

The previous runs were hosted by ...

2002 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2003 - Kajang Hash House Harriers
2004 - Mount Kiara Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2005 - Hulu Langat Hash House Harriers & Harriets at Broga
2006 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets at Jalan Kacau Semenyih
2007 - Kajang Hash House Harriers at Broga

The start of the 6th Rotation Run ..

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rehashed 20080712

Run: 782 Hare: Robert Beh Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Abraham, Rattail Raymond

Hare On Down More 30 members turned up for this hare's F***Off run. The runsite was a new location behind the factories near Taman Harmoni.

The trail was mainly through rubber, running up and down some slopes. Some well placed checks kept the group together.

The FRB was out in 1hr 15mins with the back pack coming out half an hour later.

On On onsite. Bulldozer catering.

Next Run: 783 Date: 19/07/2008 Occasion: 7th Rotation Run Hosted by Mount Kiara Hash Venue: Setia Alam Eco Park Shah Alam Time: 5.00pm
(From KL along NKVE, turn off at Setia Alam Eco Park exit and look out for hash directional signs along the way)

Effing off hare circle

circle One last shot on ice

Ah Siaw

Henessy no hand bag New shoes for Guitarman

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rehashed 20080705

Run: 781 Hare: Lim U I Venue: Bukit Angkat Sub-Cons: Kok Pain, Kiki Lala

goinf in towards the sunset There was a celebration run cum sit down dinner by the Mantin Hash this evening, so a group of HLH4 members joined them. Then there were some who still smarting from last week's climb, crawl, walk 'run'. And then there were some who had not got over the bloody leeches.

So at 6pm only a handfull of about 13 members went in for the run. The papers led from the hare's hubby's factory on tarmac road past the housing estste. It was a good 35 min 'facing the blazing sun all the way' walk until the 1st check, which was a backcheck.

coming out of the jungle Still under open skies, but snaking through thick vegetation uphill, brought the walkers to another check. After this, the papers led into the only jungle for a bash through track downhill. Thorny creepers and twines broke the falls and slowed down the FROP.

It was a relief to come out of this 'jungle' onto hill clearings and down to a shallow shiggy. From then on, it was all on open ground, past the cattle sheds and onto the home trail.

The FRBs were out in 1hr 10 mins while the back pack was out about 20 mins later. With some late comers, there were about 20 members who completed the run.

Just out for the beer On On on site. Knowing it was going to be a small turnout, the hare and her hubby preprared 'Steam Boat' for the On On. Cock Pain agreed that the food was machine washed.

Next Run: No 782 Date: 12/07/2008 Hare: Robert Beh Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Hare On Down Surfing while waiting
Ready all machine washed Fish also machine washed
selecting to dump in all steam boated
some crabby cracking the crabby claws

On On ...