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21 July 2018

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rehashed 20130720 KFC

Run: 1044 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohare: Cock Pain

Runsite was Bandar Technology as usual, but some things turned out to be slightly different than usual…..

First - the hash signs were very creative and colourful, red on green, white on black etc and all of different design. The site was not the usual shoplot area, it was further to the right towards the new housing construction area near Taman Harmoni.

Second – the cohare didn’t like the usual HLH4 paper and was using his own business- receipt-paper-design instead (pix on left) – maybe for advertising reason?!

Third – all runners completed the run on paper – but surprisingly came out from two opposite directions! First time for such thing in HLH4 history.

JPS in his wisdom smelled something wrong with the trail setting and decided to follow some other square white paper, finally came out at the usual shoplot. Feeling more confident that there will be no more hill he used the road to walk back for 45 minutes to the actual runsite.

Cowlin followed the hash paper very closely and was seen crawling through a small gap underneath the gate of the construction area, even though the gate was not locked and everybody else just walked through!

A lot of discussion took place about setting this run and the cohere was honored on ice for setting a ‘slightly fcuk up but good’ run.

The hare provided plenty of good food catered from nearby.

(scribed by J)

Next Run: No 1045 Date: 27/07/2013 Occasion: 12th Rotation Run - hosts: HLH4 Venue: Cybertel Sg Tangkas
(From Kajang head towards UKM on old Bangi road. Look out for entrance to the Bangi Komuter train station which would be on the left. Turn left and look for hash signs. Check for directions in the post below)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

12th Rotation Run

The 12th Rotation Run will be hosted by Hulu Langat Hash House

Date: 27/07/2013

Time: 5.00pm

Venue: Cybertel Sg Tangkas (GPS coordinates: 2.938144,101.80145)

The best route to the runsite, for those not from Kajang, would be via the North-South PLUS highway and through the Bangi toll. After the Bangi toll plaza, take 12 o'clock at the roundabout and travel along Persiaran Pekeliling. 3 o'clock at the next roundabout and travel along Persiaran University. Turn left at the junction in front of UKM and head towards Kajang along Jalan Bangi. Travel about 1.5km and turn right at traffic lights towards KTM Komuter station and follow hash signs.

You could also get there via the Cheras-Kajang highway which will take you through Kajang town and along Jalan Reko. You have to turn left at traffic lights near Sg Tangkas KTM Komunter station. Expect to be slowed down by traffic through this way.

(Click on picture map to enlarge)

View Sg Tangkas in a larger map

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Run20130713 LohSiewHa

Run: 1043 Hare:Loh Siew Ha Venue: Sg Pening Pening Jalan Kacau Cohares: ...

Next Run: No 1044 Date: 20/07/2013 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Run20130706 Bandit

Run: 1042 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Kiara Cohare: Joachim

The runsite at Bulkit Kiara is a first for Hulu Langat, though a run was previously scheduled here but which had to be relocated to Bukit Gasing at the last minute due to the chikungunya outbreak.

The beerman hearing that the run was at Bukit Kiara, decided to give this run a skip for fear of the 'bukits' in this area. So when the hashers arrived, there was no beerman and no water and no beer. GM and Bulldozer had to step up and emptied the sundry shops in Sri Hartamas of their beer.

The run was mostly on well trodden trails, no difficult climbs (its bandit's run), a few stream crossings and a long long home trail on the road.

The FRB, Kenching, hit home in one hour 20 mins while the back pack was out about half an hour later. The Co-hare mentioned that he clocked 9km for the run.

The circle had to be dragged on on on on while waiting for CockPain to cook his seafood porridge during which the supply of beer also ran out. So Jack Kee was elected, as he had a new assistant, to go and get more beers, which he did.

On On onsite, seafood porridge catered by CP.

Next Run: No 1043 Date: 13/07/2013 Hare: Loh Siew Ha Venue: Sg Pening Pening Jalan Sg Lalang

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Run20130629 YapWoeiKee

Run: 1041 Hare: Yap Woei Kee Venue: Sg Long Cohares: Silent Dragon

A good run which had the usual early, without a warm up, long climb on the right. The paper went through the usual trails and climbs and from the last climb, it went left for long down to fishing pond and out through the new completed houses.

FRB was out at about 7.15pm and the back pack out about an hour later.

On On on site.

Next Run: No 1042 Date: 06/07/2013 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Kiara - Park on No Man's Land next to Selangor Club (if coming From PJ / Federal Highway, head towards Sri Hartamas through Sprint highway. Selangor Club will be on the left before Science center)

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