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21 July 2018

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Rehashed 20070825

Run: 736 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bukit Lagong Selayang

Going up the 1st hill

Some 35 supportive members came to check out this 1st time for HLH4 runsite. The runsite looked crowded with Mount Kiara Hash also running there that evening and a group from FRIM.Final climb

The run was up the hill for 15 mins, then downhill for 2 mins, then up again 20 mins, down 2 mins, up another 15 mins, then down 2 mins, and again up 10 mins and then finally down and out on home trail for 30 mins. A road run all the way much to the relief of some who were prewarned of leeches.

Locked carBreaking in attemptOn On at a restaurant nearby but was delayed by the attempt to break into a car to retrieve the car keys

Next run: No 737 Date: 01/09/2007 Hare: Janice Hong Venue: Bandar Technology

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rehashed 20070818

Run: No 735 Hare: American Sam Venue: Gasing Hill, PJ

About 35 members and guests turned up. The paper led from the temple site to the water tank and to the 1st check. This was broken on the right around the fence and led down to the rubber. Going up, the trail joined the trail set by the Royal Klang Club Hash and to the 2nd check which was also easily broken.
The paper led down and up again to the 3rd check which was broken on the metal road. Another check was laid at the stream before the climb up and to home.
Some screw-ups, first, at the 1st check, some wankers went more than 400 metres down the road and hit the trail that led from the 3rd check, thereby missing the 2nd check. Then the middle pack missed the connection at the 2nd check and hit a disconnected trail which led through a smelly squatter site for a long circular but still could not connect to the correct trail. This led to the middle and back packs taking a long detour to get home by the road.
Generally a run srewed up.

On On onsite catered by the hare's better half.

Next run: No 736 Date: 25/08/2007 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bukit Lagong Selayang (from Jalan Kucing. head towards Selayang/Rawang on old road, whereby you should pass the old Makcro (now Tesco), slip road to Batu Caves/Genting, Pasar Borong etc. Travel along until you see the sign for the slip to Pejabat Daerah Gombak. Keep left and go up and look for HLH4 signs. If you reached Templar's Park, then you have over shot the left turning.)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rehashed 20070811

Run: No 734 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sri Hanikoh Jalan Kacau

Some harriets going inAbout 40 members. Runsite was not at the usuall unoccupied shoplots but deep in closer to the foothills.

The paper led on the gravel road for close to 20 minutes before the climb up to a height of about 180 metres. The first check was laid on top of the hill which was broken on the other side and led down.

From then on the run was all on flats with another 4 checks. As all the checks were broken rather quickly, the middle and back packs could not catch up with the FRBs.

It was generally a runners run and was estimated to be at least 10km long. First out in about 1hr 35 mins and the last out about 8.20pm.Matahari - Stand in beerman

On On onsite catered and supplied by the hare. Last week Kiki, this week Matahari stood in as beerman. It was a long circle that night with many punishments starting with the hare for going alone to lay the trail and ending with 'Medan 2007 charges'. Some of the Medan Pan Asia 2007 reports concerning HLH4 members were ...

"trip delayed - a less than 6 mths valid passport"
"checking in 12 hours early - could not differentiate am and pm"
"losing nearly a million - all on 21"
"frantic search - for thrown away boarding pass"
"shitting - while roomate having shower"
"went in for the short run - being rescued on the ballbreaker trail"
"finding a fruit on the trail - and eating it"
"running into a tree - the fruits fell"
"internationally hash-named - Tsunami"
"official Pan Asia program ended - but HLH4 continued with own circle"

Next Run: No 735 Date: 18/08/2007 Hare: American Sam Venue: Gasing Hills tower site

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rehashed 20070804

Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jeluk

Quite a number of HLH4 members were in Medan Indonesia over the weekend to savour the 'Bintang' at the 11th Pan Asia do. So only about 20 turned up to chase Lester ABC.
The hare had just an eight minute head start to lay the trail but with 7 checks thrown in, no one could get him. The co-hare Stanley "Showtime" gave up at the last check. First out in 1hr 5mins.
On On onsite with food supplied by the hare. The small crowd could not finish the PISS allocation.

Next Run: No 734 Date: 11/08/2007 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sri Hanikoh Jalan Kacau


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