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21 July 2018

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Rehashed 20091024 Deepavali

Run: 849 Occassion: Deepavali Run Venue: Dengkil Kastam SubCons: Matahari, ...

Deepavali hots At the runsite, Matahari's brother, Dorai, was running about with concern on parking spaces and was a great help to ensure everyone parked correctly and neatly.

It was a very warm day with only about 20 hashers around to start the run on time. A short beat around the bushes on a small hidden path by Matahari's neighbour's house, saw the pack ending up among some abandoned oil palm trees. JPS was still leading the pack with Rocky chasing him which got the pack 'wide eyed' and smiling.

Getting onto the laterite road for the 'baking session', the pack got a bit more faster and met the 1st check just after the bridge over an almost dried up river. A back check crossing the bridge got most runners dekcuf except for Dipstick who was running at the back.

Another baking session on the laterite road that took a right to the oil palm estate with some expecting a climb when the hill was unveiled but met the 2nd check at the top. Monster and Rocky were sceptical about the forward check so they went on the opposite roads without climbing the hill. Some SCBs were already short-cutting their way through even earlier.

When Rocky found the connecting trail and broke the 2nd check, Gigi Putih was seen running like lightning towards Rocky. A running loop in the oil palm estate and further inwards got the pack led by Gigi Putih to come to some clearcuts where he was seen to be confused and was searching for Paper. It was later found that his teeth was so white that it glared his eyes and blurred his 'PaperVision'.

A short running distance got the runners to the 3rd check which was easily broken by 2 Mambau H4 members who were running close together upfront. The running pack then got onto the nearby path next to the main trunk road. This path zig-zagged and weaved in and out to avoid getting on the main road.
The last draw and home trail was on the InTrail 'baking' trail' which allowed the runners a good run to 'home in' in about 1hr5mins. The middle and back packs were smart enough not to get onto the 'baking trail' by getting across the river on the nearest bridge to finish the run about 30mins later.

Circle: Our brothers who organised this Deepavali Run were acknowledged, who then expressed gratitude for all the pledges and sponsors.

Change of Bulldozer's run site to Bandar Teknologi Kajang was announced. GM welcomed new member - Arumugam, and also welcomed the other distinguished guests. GM stressed the need for HLH4 to support KH3's 1111th Run.

InterHashSec's difficult tasks of getting invitation info and travelling infos. OnCash's unopened red paint cans were ready to be opened for some 'bad debts'.

Gigi Putih - stating the run was too long for him as he could not keep up with the front runners;
Rocky - though not iced, was honoured for breaking the 2nd check;
CowLin - the InterHashSec who could is able to recruit more members for the international runs than for the local runs;
Viagra - left his shorts for others to pick up, he had to change into it to prove that he can fit into the 'hat seems to be too small for him' in full circle's view;
No Hair - complaining it was a hot day when the rest of the baldies didn't complain but instead said that it was cool;
Arumugam - littering empty water bottle along the trail, the bottle was brought back by another member as proof;
Rocky - for introducing the litterbug to hash;
Matahari - drank 'Kingfisher' while setting the run, all 3 cans as claimed by the co-hares and littered the cans on the trail. CSI: HLH4 DSP Prof. Dr. Paul was on trail and 'sniffed out' the culprits and brought back the empty cans;
Kilat - 'can't remember';
PJK - lied to Song Lau about running and then got caught eating curry while setting up the 'table';
Dipstick - 'cocking up' a Bai bro;
Thuksudi No Wings & Micheal - eating dog treats which were meant for Hash!

OnOn in Restoran Seafood Dengkil with plenty of food and beers....not any less were songs that got the crowd entertained! There were some drinking contest too!!
(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 850 Date: 31/10/2009 Hare: Bulldozer Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rehashed 20091017

Run: 848 Hare: Song Lau Venue: Putrajaya Riverside SubCons: JPS, Kilat, Maria, Heny Soo

The hare, song Lau About 30 members and guests turned up for this run. Due to a lack of signatures, some members ended up at Alamanda, some at Dengkil and some even as far as KLIA.

The joke of the night was that, the our German and Korean friends managed to find the run site while the local members lost their way.

The hare had outsourced the laying of the trail to Thomas and Friends (JPS, Henry Soo and Maria), so many expected a short run. The run started on the right toward the bridge and all the way on flats till a housing settlement. From here, the papers took the hashers up the hill all the way to the rocky area.

From the top, the trail led down through some plantations and towards another housing settlement. Here a pack of dogs welcomed the runners just before the cross over the river. The home stretch was along the river all the way home.

The FRB, Kelam Kabut was out in about 55 mins.

The generous hare rewarded all completing the run with a T-shirt

As it was Deepavali, and after some light refreshment and clean up, the whole gang proceeded to Matahari's place in Dengkil for the circle and On ON. Reaching Sami's place, the group noted some members who did not turn up for the run tucking away and downing the golden fluid.

Some Icings of the evening Circle was called to order by our Asst. On-sec, Lester ABC. No-wing Kim was iced for leaving his chair behind 2 weeks ago while his guest, Han, entertained the crowd with a Korean song.

After the sumptious ON ON of putumayan and nasi berani, followed with fried chicken wings (a No No for Kim) for supper, a small crowd gathered to try their luck during this festival celebration.

(report by Blood DonoR)

Next Run: No 849 Date: 24/10/2009 Occassion: Deepavali Run Venue: Dengkil (Kastam)
(From Putrajaya, head to Dengkil. Just before the town, look out for HLH4 signs. It should be somewhere near Sami Matahari's house.)

On On ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rehashed 20091010

Run: 847 Hare: Dipstick Venue: Mantin Field SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

 The hare About 25 members turned up for this run at the football field after Mantin town. With the Lekas highway, it took only about 14 minutes from Bandar Tech to Mantin. One member, who drives a luxury car, said that he only took 4.5 minutes to reach Mantin.

The run started from the usual woodwork factory. The papers took the hashers to the right and up the hill immediately. The first check was somewhere near the half way mark up the hill, a back check which took the hashers further up the hill.

The 2nd check was also a back check on the right. Not far after the check some of the members were welcomed with a kiss by a swamp of bees/wab. The run countinued with a further climb until the durian plantation where the circular check allowed the back runners to catch up.

The 3rd check took the FROPs all the way down the hill where some parts were dangerous with loose sand and pebbles which was very slippery. The 4th check on the way down was also a back check and the papers led the hashers to the woodwork factory again.

The Front Running Bastard (FRB), Dipstick, (the scheduled hare who surprisingly outsourced the laying of the trail) came out in about an hour. The run was about 4.4km and reached the highest point at about 982 ft.

1Cold Beer All the hashers completed the run except for Advisor No. 2 who took the "long cut". Even HLH5 (Ex)GM and KFC managed to complete the run. Bumble Bee was iced for not running - forgot to bring her running shoes.

For the first time the assistant on-sec Lester ABC (appointed during the committee meeting on Wednesday) took the box. He forgot to introduce the hare of the day and was given a chance as this was his first time. Ricky Ular regained his position as hashbard.

On-on on site with plenty of leftovers. Triple ON was at Ah Wai cafe with a bottle of whisky offered by the hare.

(report by Blood DonoR)

Lester ABC takes the box Charlie and the Sub Cons
Circle id= Ballcracker and Chong K M - long time no C
Viagra showing the 1ColdBeer Some Icings of the evening

Next Run: No 848 Date: 17/10/2009 Hare: Song Lau Venue: Putrajaya Riverside
(From Kajang head towards Putrajaya. Take the LEFT turning into Putrajaya AFTER the Serdang Hospital which is on your right. From this left turning, go straight following directions to PICC and KEEP LOOKING out for HLH4 signs for the left drive in over the kerb)

On On ...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rehashed 20091003 No Hair

Run: 846 Hare: No Hair Venue: Sg Long (Admiral Park) Cohare: Yee Mai

The hare, No Hair A good number, including about 12 guests, turned up at this long not used runsite. On On called by Jointmaster and all went in down to the ankle deep stream. The papers led across the stream, up and left.

The trail kept going and going without any checks until the papers stopped suddenly. Checking further up, the FROPs found papers leading both to the left and to the right. The trail to the right led to a check up the hill while the papers to the left went down the slippery slope.

When the back pack got to this point, it was 6.45pm and the FROPs were still deciding where to go. Someone, must be a guest, then made a **call** to the hare to confirm the route. It was then known that we had gone in on the out (home) trail.

Got screwed at 'first' check Some decided to continue as a reverse run going down the slope on the left while the back pack felt they had enough and turned back on the trail they came in.

Mr Kilat and some friends who came in late, went in on the correct in-trail up to the 2nd check before turning back.

The FRB was out (though in reverse and no checks to break) about 7.10pm and the back pack reached home about 20mins later.

To know how the run should have been, check out the hare's diary

New boots Kumar and Kim Korean Kim (right) and Kumar (left), a non skin-head from Dengkil, were welcomed as new boots.

As Kim already had a hash name 'No Wing', a name he was assigned by his Korean friends when he fell ill after consuming chicken wings, 'Thuksudi' which means eagle in the Korean language was added on. Hence, Kim will be known as 'Thuksudi No Wing'.

Kumar was baptised 'PJK' which may stand for 'Peria Jarthi Kotai' (big type balls). Hash Name assigning ceremonies were officiated by Song Lau.

On On onsite - Hassan catering.

Next Run: No 847 Date: 10/10/2009 Hare: Dipstick Venue: Mantin

(From Grand Saga (Cheras/Kajang) Highway, continue on the Kajang/Semenyih bypass. Then continue on the Lekas (Kajang/Seremban) highway. Exit at Mantin (last interchange as road to Seremban not completed yet). Pay toll RM4.00. Turn right at traffic lights towards Mantin/Seremban. About 800 metres, turn left onto road to Lenggeng and immediate left to runsite parking by the field)

hare On Down Iced Jointmaster for wrong in-trail
First Timer guests Other guests
Hash named No Wing Hash named PJK
Iced ABC and Ice Cooleng Iced Cowlin - no t shirt

On On ...