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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rehashed 20081025

Run: 797 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Gasing Co-hare: Samerican

The hare Bandit Run started on time even though there were a few who just arrived and were putting on their shoes. There were 7 guests who showed up in support of the hare and 'runsite near where i live' hashers.

It was usual that Cock Pain led the pack through the Hindu temple on top of the hill and down hill at the back. The papers led down and then turned left uphill where the 1st check was laid. This was a backcheck and broken way down.

The trail led on flats along the fringe of the jungle/rubber and to the 2nd check. The papers leading straight on led to a falsie. It was finally broken, a back check that led to some confusion and unheard ON ON calls. The back pack was about to turn back but somehow managed to connect to the true trail which led to a long and almost steep climb that ended at the top of the hill.

The 3rd check was laid on the right and which was broken on the left along the connecting ridge before going down a medium steep slope. It was later realised that everyone had to do a short steep climb leading to the 4th check just before the tarred road.

Rather suprisingly, JPS managed to get to be in front of the back pack.

It was then a paperless run downhill till the junction. where Warrenti and Randy Andy were taken for a 'ride' on a falsie to the right. Experienced Blood Donor, with the back pack tagging along, took the wiser option of turning left at the junction.

There were no papers on trail till quite some distance until No Hair found them and the trail turned right and into the jungle. It then led downhill to meet up with the stream. From then on it was a slow walk uphill to the run site, with some cursing and gasping for fresh air.

All were out in good time with the FRBs finishing in about 1hr 10mins. However, none of these FRBs, Gary, ABC, Cock Pain, Kelam Kabut and Warrenti, owned up to be the 1st out on paper.

Circle was a bit 'pasar malam' as the box was looking for the culprit who did not connect paper correctly which caused the 5 FRBs having a 'verbal push about' among themselves.

The hare was iced for not laying HLH4 papers all the way and using a triangular cut 'HLH5' paper. Song Lau was iced for 'not correctly teaching his student bard' Peter.

Guitarman was iced for asking the run number of the Deepavali run when he knew the following run, Viagra's, was #800 and was a week later [800-1=799, also dunno]. No Hair for not making a charge sternly as taught by Randy Andy the mystery whip.

Song Lau announced that the Broga temple committee has banned hashers from parking/running in that area. This, as a result of some undisciplined and irresponsible members of some hash chapters running there who walk around/shower naked or wearing just underwear only. Littering and leaving behind beer bottles\cans, food containers after the On On was also a cause. Hashers who damage fruit trees of the many orchards found in that area are a bane to the farmers.
A large banner targeting the hashers have been put up. It was also heard that the Broga temple/residents have enlisted the help of the police to enforce the ban.
This is the second area in recent times, after Sunway Semenyih, where the hashers have been banned from.

On-On onsite: catered by 'Bandit and Sam Curry House' (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 798 Date: 01/11/2008 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate. (Drive to Semenyih town. From traffic lights near police station, drive towards Mantin/Seremban and count trafiic lights. At 5th traffic lights, turn right and drive about 1.5km. Look out HLH4 signs)

Circle Circle
Mystery Hash Whip Randy Andy Punishing No Hair
The Pissing Ular (Snake) Iced babies

On On ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rehashed 20081018

Run: 796 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Co-hare: Warrenti

First there was the 11th Philippines Nash Hash on and these few made it there to down down the San Miguel and maybe to check out the Nash Hash sponsors. Who would resist joints with names like Tender Touch, Lollipop, AngelWitch etc.

Then there was Batu Pahat H3 celebrating their 30th Any Versary. Those in the pix below went down south for this run.

So only about 15 members turned up to climb the 'Ah Pek' hill at Wangsa Cheras. Only a few finished the run on paper as the 'In' and 'Out' trails were too close to each other for comfort.

Dipstick came out on the 'In' trail papers whereas Silent Dragon and Munster were out on the correct 'Out' trail.

On On onsite - Farah's Famous Curry. (conveyed by NoHair as reported by Abraham)

Next Run: No 797 Date: 25/10/208 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Gasing (Tower site)

HLH4 members at the Batu Pahat H3 30th bash.

HLH4 members at BP H3 30th Any Run HLH4 members at BP H3 30th Any Run

On On ...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bukit Kiara - Chikungunya

There have been a few reports of some hashers coming down with Chikungunya after running in Bukit Kiara.

The reports were mostly by members of Mother Hash who ran in that area with the KL Harriets recently.

Our member, Bandit, who planned to set his run at Bukit Kiara also came down with an unexplained illness 4 days after he did a recce in that area. Only after hearing of reports by Mother hash, did he realise that the symptoms of his illness were similar to that of chikungunya.

Bandit is recovering, but the poor soul appears to be religiously following one doctor's advise to him to stop drinking beer, apparently on a diagnosis of "too much water retention". Is it not a sin to ask a hasher to stop drinking beer?

Due to this Chikungunya scare, Bandit, also being a victim, has agreed to move the runsite for his run on 25/10/2008 from Bukit Kiara to Bukit Gasing.

There should be a general advisory that Klang Valley hash chapters avoid Bukit Kiara for some time. Those joggers from Taman Tun should also be advised to note and take precautions.

On On ...

Rehashed 20081011

Run: 795 Hare: Thomas Mr Kilat Venue: Bandar Tech Co-hares: JPS, RatTail

Hare Mr Kilat A good turn out with about 40 members and guests.

On-On was called on time by Long John Silver but all the members headed towards the usual in trail to find no paper there. The in trail was laid just opposite the run site.

A good few did not use the laid in trail and ran in till they hit the paper whcih went up a small hill to a circular check before going 'skin deep' in Taman Harmoni flats. Going up a small hill turning towards the palm oil/orchard side the check was laid to the west side further down the other side of Taman Harmoni.

A check a laid up a hill where, intending to SCB, 'Song' Lau broke the check on road leading to durian orchard. The 'Bandar Tech Whore' was attacked from behind but was not 'satisfied' as the papers led only half way up. It then cut cross in the middle to end up downhill towards the cow shed and another check.

Cock Pain found paper but kept quiet, to 'confirm' the trail by running uphill before calling out. Upon reaching the top, the home trail on palm oil estate was longer than usual which provided some runners a good 'stretch out'.

Jessie, the Ass-On-Cash gave a scare as she went in late and all alone. She was 'lost' on paper in Taman Harmoni. Refusing to hop on the bike after asking some direction from 'a few Indonesians', she took the long way home via the factory lots in Taman Mega.

The hare Mr Kilat handed out freebies, a T-shirt, to all and prayed a lot for the drizzle to a stop just before the circle.

New Boot Collin 'ISA' : YeeMai - for refusing to let No Hair check in trail paper when driving to run site; Rocky for being accused of calling 'On-On' when not paper; Song Lau for finding paper while SCBing; guest Dorai for leaving smelly T-shirt somewhere; No Hair for another no brainer, forgetting to announce the next run before handing box to advisor; Cock Pain for not calling when finding paper; Long John Silver for calling On-On at the start of run but did not know where paper trail was.

Welcomed new boot Colin 'KauLin' - a hashman who found HLH4 comfortable to be his new home. (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 796 Date: 18/10/2008 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras (Awana)

Circle Circle
Rocky protesting on Ice Guest On Down
New Boot Welcome OnDown Icings of the evening

On On ...

Monday, October 06, 2008

HLH4 Website Posting Reposted

星期二, 2008年9月30日





共同Runsite地点可以在侧栏。 点击一个位置将带您到谷歌地图,这方面的工作。

对于那些抱怨谁,他们不理解英语。那么这些刚刚arseholes ,我们的网站现在可以阅读中国 。

但是,一个字谨慎进入网站在中国。有些话是直接翻译。 例如,短期形式的数字'号' ,可能表现为没有 (梅红豆杉) 。 日期可能是翻译不同。 例如2008年4月10号可显示今年二零零八个月4和第10天。

网站可以被翻译成德语 或法语,甚至印地语。 链接可在右上角。

On On ...

Rehashed 20081004

Run: 794 Hare: Ricky Ular Venue: Bandar Tech Co-hares: ...

"JPS, it's 6pm already!"
"Oh! OK! ON-ON!!"
"The same in trail, ah?"
"Hey, got Batu paper, lah...they ran here recently."
"Ya, loh...just last wednesday."
"Hey, you follow paper or not?"
"don't worry, lah...... Cock Pain just ran past us, he'll kena the first check before we do....hehehehehe"
"See?.....he's collecting the checking papers already"
"Hoi...Dipstick, you check atas sana....cini ta rak paper!!"
"aiyoh.....have to climb up there"
"KFC!! don't come here, go up from there!!"
"No, lah. I have to come here to follow JPS" "Why?" "uhmmmm..."
"Oi!!! whose dog is this?" "No Hair!"
"Must start collecting dog fees already.....kehkehkeh

The Hare Ricky Ular The above were some of the talk at the start of the run. But later, after a few hills, the catching of breaths halted some conversations.

The hare left his 'scent' up the palm oil estate hills and around them, some 'slithering' through bushes like the hare's hash name. True enough, the laid trail was winding and more winding as the hashers ran further through the trails.

The papers hit almost every trail set by other chapters for their recent runs here but our hares had tricks up their sleeves and farts up their asses. It would have been a dull run but the 'slitherings' was a good change.

Running by the side that should have been along the highway was made a wee bit difficult by crossing some fences twice which had some harriets squealing when climbing over or bending under.

There were some excitement when reaching the end on home trail that the hares thought of 'save earth, save trees, save paper', which led to some hashers running over and back track to locate papers. The back runners had to search for papers in the dark. Only when they reached familiar grounds, were they confident of the trail.

"Wah! quite long run." "No, lah. just going up and down only"
"The evening grows dark very early these days!" "Yea, next week we need to walk faster!"

The circle was conducted short and simple with some ISA:

Tsunami for not singing On-Down song;
Ular for not laying enough paper and again for not asking proper permission for re-take photo on ice;
No Hair - twice, first for typo mistakes on newsletter as charged Cock Pain and second time with Guitarman (for partly blamed for No Brain mistakes), for mistaking Madam Ular as first time guest.

On-On on site Uncle 'Ular' contracted Cock Pain 'See food' (Ass in chinese hakka dialect) Porridge Restaurant....also yummi....(scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 795 Date: 11/10/2008 Hare: Thomas 'Mr Kilat' Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Circle The hashing sisters
sitting circle Bubur Talk
Iced Iced

On On ...