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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rehashed 20100626 Cha Cha

Run: 884 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Bandar Sunway Semenyih Cohares: ...

Good turn out at this 'now coming back to use' runsite.

The papers led along the usual in-trail and up the 'bukit besi' where usually the check is laid. The papers led right and down to the quarry road and went across to hit the durian/fruits orchard.

The trial went on straight and up and into another orchard before going the high tension wires for a big loop and a final climb before hitting the home trail back to runsite.

Dipstick was FRB in 1hr 10mins while UI and bandit came out at around 7.45pm. It was acknowledged as a good run despite the hare having a non-hasher as co hare.

On On onsite.

 Circle Collage

Next Run: No 885 Date: 03/07/2010 Hare: Miow Miow Venue: Bukit Lagong

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rehashed 20100619 9th Rotation Run

Run: 883 Occasion: 9th Rotation Run Hosted by Cheras H4 Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Billy NoHair Recovery ... "Friday DTH3 pissed drunk, Saturday CH4 hosted 9th Rotation Run also pissed drunk, Sunday SH4 also almost pissed drunk.....now a bit awake due to some hot drink...tomorrow dunno pissed drunk in Mother Hash run or not.....recovery? nah ....."

"Buku Muka" Monday 21/06/2010 at 12:57am

(webmaster's note: Despite he penning the above in Facebook, No Hair managed a 'check back' and sent us his "This is my story" of the event. On On to No Hair.)

The mood was in the air as we arrived at the run site – drinking time! It all started just as soon as we got in contact with anyone at the run site! I went to collect our tees and the drinking had already started.

It took me some 4 glasses before I got my running shoes on and another 3 before the run started! So, I was still OK and did the run.

The run started with the usual InTrail through the factories and into the OP before going on the right for a zig-zag run through the thick bushy paths. A short uphill climb and a downhill run in the abandoned orchard and towards the rubber estate near the water tank factory.

Predictable as can be, we were running in familiar areas – dragon fruit farm hill, OP hills, towards Sungai Tangkas via orchards, away from Sungai Tangkas in the OP, passing the bungalow, on the left of the ‘whore’ towards the rubber estate (it has been bulldozed now!), did the ‘whore’ from behind, get on the trail before the ‘ranch’, passing the pineapple farm and into the OP for the home trail.

The short run was cut off at the dragon fruit farm hill and straight across the clear cuts towards the back of the ‘whore’ – that shaved off some 30mins from the original run.

Exhausted and the beer smelling sweat after the run – more drinking and mingling was the order of the night. I did know that I was drunk and me Mrs was driving – that was what I remember of last night!

Some pixies gleaned from here. On On to Michaelwin Lee for allowing without permission.

9th Rotation Run Collage

Next Run: No 884 Date: 26/06/2010 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sunway Semenyih

(Coming from KL through LEKAS highway, follow Rinching sign. Turn left at next traffic lights.)

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Friday, June 18, 2010

HLH4 at Pan Indo 2010

Hash events in Indonesia, another Hashinate country, always seem to have a drawing power over Hulu Langat H4 hashers. HLH4's presence at these events is not only acknowledged, it is also felt and very much sought after by the hashing fraternity there.

It was no different at the recent Pan Indo Hash 2010 in Lombok. HLH4 was said to the largest group from a single hash kennel from outside Indonesia attending the do.

Some pix of HLH4 and friends in Lombok.

Though a hash run is never a race, there will be, in the midst of all the fun, some form of competition. Sometimes, it is just the beer drinking competition or a 'boat race'. But for HLH4 members, they can compete among themselves on many things.

Click On On below for one such competition.

Take your guess. Certainly, it could not be for "best Tits" nor cutest eyes. Beer belly, no.

Maybe, largest Nose or best forearm. Longest ears? Muscles? Could be Armpit hair. The choice is yours.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rehashed 20100612 Volunteer Song Lau

Run: 882 Hare: Song Lau (Volunteer) Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: JPS, Guitarman

 Hare Song Lau and CoHare Guitarman The weather was teasing with rain or not. Many that turned up was expected to have a good run.

The run started a bit after 6 as all were too engrossed in the upcoming celebration run. It was towards the back of the construction site to the OP. Just minutes away was the 1st check passing the veggie farm, a falsie was laid to the west and the check was broken by going south.

I was running ahead in hope to sweat out the 2 weeks that I was absent from hashing and was running brainlessly that those behind saw me running into a circular check. Everyone was around in the OP looking for the paper. Another forward had Gigi Putih breaking it and was way in front.

I gave chase and KikiLala and Kilat was on hand to join in but left behind when going up some slopes. We were treated to some green views with cows herding in the open field and a loopy run had us back into the OP again. Another hill was waiting and a steep run downhill had the 3rd check evidently left.

A forward run further downhill where I met Gigi Putih running back empty handed and I went left to run in a bigger loop back to the open field to meet KikiLala just going uphill, Monster and me Mrs were wondering why I ran back. Dipstick yelled why I was running so slow as I was going towards the right and Kilat on the left.

I broke the check and it was an uphill run after the downhill, another uphill again to see the 4th check near a 3-way junction. The check was broken with a forward run by the middle pack and we were left far behind that we had some long chase before we were able to catch up. Me Mrs was running so far up front, too!.

The 5th check was on the direction that looked like a home trail and got us caught. A falsie that I found was on the same direction but wrong trail. As expected as we were heading towards the high tension pylon the paper was there and Bulldozer was the one broke the paper ‘head’ where we were some meters ahead.

Home trail was a good speedy run with Dipstick as we sped to get more sweat. We reached home in 1hr10mins whereas the last was before 7:45pm. Even KFC commented a good run! All the checks and falsies were good to get the packs together.

Bruise Low - wanting to meet more beauties, hoping the coming Rotation Run by MKH4. CH4 also got mah!
Guitarman - wrong comment, wrong time
No Hair - Shanghai-ed and contracted 'Shanghai Rose'
King Kong - trying to prove a point by getting himself listed as 0% 'customer'
Bulldozer - 3rd runner, sure or not?
Beerman - under estimated HLH4's drinking abilities
Song Lau - oddman out
Kilat & Short Circuit - bringing a friend from Dengkil that is not bald ( friend drinking 'Diamond' water.....true?)
Monster - something with his thinking and action that had Advisor misled.

Food on site with Star Caterer....OnOnOn....Ah Wai Shop!

(scribed by No Hair)

Run 12062010 Collage1 Run 12062010 Collage2

Next Run: No 883 Date: 19/06/2010 Occasion: 9th Rotation Run Hosted by Cheras H4 Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Rehashed 20100605 Bandit

Run: 881 Hare: Bandit Venue: Gasing Hill Cohare: Joachim

The Hare Bandit Turnout was about 40 members and guests. The papers took the hashers down on tarmac and on into vegetation near the lower temple. The walk down under foliage canopy and on to the tarmac leading to the 1st check near the condo.

Some expected it to be broken on the steps leading up but it was broken straight on inside the thick and thorny bushes. The trail zig-zagged through the bushes to the path that led down from the water tank. From here it was a run on the well trodden path to the 2nd check just before the climb.

As Dipstick was going up, Pengsan went across on the flimsy wooden bridge and broke the check. Again another clean runners trail up to the 3rd check at abandoned house at the fringe. Abraham went pass the house and found papers but before he could call, Munster who went in the middle, hit the trail in between and called On On.

As the trail went upwards, it moved into thick undergrowth. Again it was a torturous trail that had to be bashed through thorny bushes. Coming to the top, the papers swung right and down to the 4th check. This was broken back along the top ridge which turned right into the jungle.

The papers led down all the way straight to drain where the 5th and last check was laid, which was a back check that led up for a short climb and out. Coming out to the tarmac, the papers led left and up towards the water tank for the home trail back through the temple. This appeared too short for Dipstick, Munster, Silent Dragon and Gigi Putih who turned right on the tarmac to hit the long climb back to runsite.

Abraham was FRB in 57 mins while Dipstick came out the other way about 10 mins later.

On On onsite - Lynda (formerly Hassan) catering. Naughty Stick and Ee Gal from the Batu Hash were on hand to invite and promote their pre-amble to Interhash 2010 on 30/06/2010.

Run20100605 Collage

Next Run: No 882 Date: 12/06/2010 Hare: Volunteer (Song Lau) Venue: Kesuma Lakes

(From Semenyih, drive straight on towards Beranang/Seremban. Kesuma Lakes is on the left after Tesco Turn in and go straight to the end following all HLH4 signs.

Note that, as this will be a volunteer run, we will go dutch for the On On. No, it does not mean Dutch cuisine. It means Tong-Tong which does not necessarily mean Chinese food either

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kwang Eng Seong


Kwang Eng Seong

Member since May 2010

On On ...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rehashed 20100529 Rat Tail

Run: 880 Hare: Rat Tail Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: Abraham, BicycleMan

There was a reasonably good turnout for this hare' FO run. The papers led in the usual in-trail from the water-tank factory site and took the left turn for the 1st of the many climbs of the run.

The trail led through rubber, belukar, and oil palm clearings where we had to watch out for the pricks. It went through rubber clearings where the branches and twigs were strewn along the paths to hinder the hashers.

The hashers had to go down and jump across ravines, which meant a climb waited. After some time, the front pack could not be seen or heard. At around 8pm, the 'whore' was waiting for the back pack.

It was then realised that the hare had taken us for a ride, resulting in every known curse with expletives being thrown at him. They would have also thrown the proverbial 'kitchen sink' if it was in hand. The back pack numbering about 10 regrouped to decide how to get out.

1st, Cock Pains led to find the way to the dragon fruit farm. Not reached even after going about 2km. U-turn and came back to the 'whore' and continued straight to the cow sheds.

Found a paper trail and followed, up, down, up, down and out to the rubber clearing. Loud opinions expressed on which way to go, a contest between Cock Pain and Micheal. Finally Dipstick led the hashers down to cross the ravine for the in-trail.

The pack came out at around 9.10pm and as expected the hare was not around to accept their 'well wishes'.

No one completed the run as the even the front pack SCBed out very much earlier.

On On onsite - Bulldozer creations.

Next Run: No 881 Date: 05/06/2010 Hare: Bandit Venue: Gasing Hills tower site.

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