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21 July 2018

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rehashed 20111224 Karu

Run: 962 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate Cohares:

No run reports or pictures. End of year holiday mood excuse.

Next Run: No 963 Date: 31/12/2011 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rehashed 20111217 Christmas Run

Run: 961 Occasion: Christmas Run Hares: SongLau, Guitarman, Aru Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: ...

The weather was cooling and a good turnout for the run. Good checks kept most of the hashers together but with no hills, the FRB was out just past the hour.

The hare and organizers got a bit worried when Nokia and two guests were not out even after two hours and the turkey was going cold. When they finally came home, they had an adventurous tale to share. The others at the site had no choice but to listen to them describe how they rescued two calves which had fallen in a ditch. They were also probably thanking their lucky stars that the BULLdozer was busy with the turkey and not with them.

During the circle a special guest in a red suit arrived ringing a bell but did not have any ice cream, so he was iced for that. The fat guy with the white beard then started to sing and distributed gifts to some at the circle.

On On onsite specially prepared by Maria for the occasion.

Next Run: No 962 Date: 24/12/2011 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rehashed 20111210 Aru

Run: 960 Occasion: Aru's FO Run Hare: Aru Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares:...

Run report is delayed.

Next Run: No 961 Date: 17/12/2011 Occasion: Christmas Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes

The Organizers of next week's run have promised a good run, a good evening, good fun and many more. News leaked out that Santa would be coming but this time he is not checking his list. So don't worry if you had been naughty and not nice, he may still have a gift for you. So come and join in the season's cheer. 

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Rehashed 20111203 Kilat

Run: 959 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan Cohares: Guitarman...

The hare moved the runsite away from near his house, probably because our circles and On ONs are noisy or maybe because members use his toilets as how they do it out in the open, no flushing. Anyway, the runsite was moved up to the summit of the Kota Warisan hill, where not only was it secluded, it was quite scenic too. But sadly, many members missed it.

A group of those who missed it were in Medan joining in our "twin's" celebration run, while a few others went to celebrate someone getting a "license to ... legally".

At On call, there were only about 7 going in. About 10 mins later, Song Lau led in four others, and using his years of hashing experience, he skipped the in trail and second guessed the trail where they caught up with the front pack at the 2nd check. Here Bulldozer was observed shouting out orders to break the check while he hugged a tree.

The check was broken up a small climb and looping to the left, the papers suddenly stopped and further up in the bushes under the high tension, the check. This was broken, a back check, by Cowlin. The scarce papers, laid at some places at a spacing of about 30 meters, led to the boundary road where again papers disappeared.

Someone then found the connecting trail in the oil palm towards the left which continued on the flats up to the low cost houses for the same home trail as the last run here, the only difference was the climb up to the runsite on the hilltop which had bandit the only one gasping for air. The Gigi Putih and Reject couples who came even later and went in, came out soon after.

It was made known at the circle that the Hare could not find the hash papers to lay the trail, so Guitarman suggested him to quickly dash to the stationery shop and buy the 4x4 papers. But the hare bought only two bundles not realizing that at least four bundles were required to set a decent length run.

CockPain complained that no one connected the 1st check.

On On onsite - "??? kut Teh" prepared onsite by CockPain. The chee cheong fun packets had to be tau paued. Cowlin brought some rambutan taken from Matahari's compound. Matahari is said to be recuperating well at home.

Guitarman chaired the circle. Inter Onsex also took the box. Joachim, as usual, made a fine mystery whip. Song Lau too went up the box to give his advise.

Next week's run was announced as Aru's FO run.

Next Run: No 960 Date: 10/12/2011 Hare: Aru Venue: Sri Haneco

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rehashed 20111126 Heny Soo

Run: 958 Hare: Heny Soo Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares: ...

Next Run: No 959 Date: 03/12/2011 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan

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