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21 July 2018

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rehashed 20140809 AGM

Run: 1099 Occasion: 21st AGM Hare: Charlie Bicycle Venue: Broga Cohares:

Left the house at 4:30 and thought to have plenty of time to arrive but was taught wrong as I underestimated the post-holiday-road- apocalypse.

Tried several detours and shortcuts until even the car’s navigation system quit working. Bashed my way through the back-roads of Semenyih until finally found back the main road leading to Broga.

6:25 arrived at the runsite, jumped into the running shoes and started following paper leading to the hill across the road. Saw Rat Tail and Abraham from far, they obviously overshot some turn. I was greeted by GPS Jit further uphill the paved road at the tree, he took a rest to enjoy the nice view and tease me of being slower than him.

Paper led into the bushes, further uphill to the left until reaching some clearing. Sagoh came back and explained he was using some shortcut to the temple, but turned around after hitting a durian orchard. I’m not sure whether he was actually hit by a durian or just couldn’t stand the smell….

Got him to follow paper, the trail led around the hill with stunning views to the Semenyih side. Continued to run on a wide, paved trek leading to the steep ascend to the hilltop. From there paper followed the usual ‘motorbike-highway’ down to the premises of Broga temple.

A pile of Durian, Mangosteen and Rambutan arranged by Charly Bicycle were waiting keeping the hashers busy for the next hour.

Song Lau conducted the circle before the new committee was elected facilated by Hantu and ChilliPadi.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 1100 Date: 16/08/2014 Hare: Bulldozer Venue:Sungai Tangkas

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